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Served with rice and beans or house salad

TAMALES RAJAS/Cheese and jalapeños or pork with red sauce $2.00

TAMALES OAXAQUEÑOS DE POLLO/Oaxacan style chicken tamal wrapped in banana leaf  $3.00

HUEVOS RANCHEROS/2 fried eggs between soft corn tortillas smothered with a choice of red or green spicy sauce; Served with Mexican cream, queso fresco and onions $8.50

HUEVOS A LA MEXICANA/Scrambled eggs mixed with onions, jalapeños and tomatoes $8.50


HUEVOS CON NOPALES/Scrambled eggs mixed with cactus leaves $8.00

HUEVOS CON EJOTES/Scrambled eggs mixed with green beans $8.50

HUEVOS CON RAJAS POBLANAS/Scrambled eggs mixed with roasted poblano peppers, cheese and onions $9.50

BURRITO DE CHORIZO CON HUEVO/Flour tortilla stuffed with eggs, chorizo, rice, beans, tomato, onions, cilantro, cream and queso fresco  $9.00

Choice of meat, with tortilla chips cooked with choice of red or green sauce, topped with Mexican cream, cheese and red onions.

REGULAR (no meat)  $8.50


CHILAQUILES WITH MEAT/Chicken, steak, salted beef or chorizo $11.50


PICO DE GALLO CON JALAPEÑOS/Melted cheese and roasted peppers    $5.00






Tortilla chips topped with refried beans, melted mozzarella, Mexican cream, queso fresco and jalapeños.

NACHOS REGULARES (no meat)  $9.00

CON CARNE AL GUSTO/with choice of meat $11.50

CON CAMARÓN/with shrimp $15.50

BISTEC O POLLO/Steak or chicken $12.50

AL PASTOR/Spicy pork with pineapple $13.50

HAWAIANO/Spicy pork, ham, bacon, pepper, pineapple and mozzarella $14.50

ENSALADA REGULAR/House salad $3.50

ENSALADA DE AGUACATE/Avocado salad  $6.50

ENSALADA DE POLLO O BISTEC/Chicken or steak  salad with lettuce, tomato, onions, corn, Mexican cream and fresh cheese

 SMALL  $8.50

 LARGE $10.50

WITH AVOCADO $1.50 extra.


 SMALL  $10.50

 LARGE $14.50

TACO SALAD/with chicken or steak     $11.50

TACO SALAD/with shrimp $14.50


Flautas (taquitos dorados)/Three rolled hard corn tortillas with choice of chicken, steak or cheese, topped with Mexican cream, lettuce, tomato and cheese. Served with rice and beans $11.50


Sautéed w/onions, peppers & tomatoes, served on a sizzing platter w/soft corn tortilla. Served w/rice & beans.

Bistec o pollo/Steak or chicken  $12.50

Camarónes/Shrimp   $16.50

Combinación/Shrimp, chicken or steak $17.50

Fajita vegetariano/Vegetarian fajita: squash, broccoli, mushroom, onions, tomatoes and peppers $10.50

Enchiladas de mole pollo, bistec o queso/Three soft corn tortillas rolled in mole sauce and choice of chicken, steak or cheese and topped with Mexican cream, lettuce, queso fresco and red onions $12.50

Enchiladas verdes o rojas pollo, bistec o queso/Three soft corn tortillas rolled with choice of stuffing in red sauce or green sauce topped with Mexian cream lettuce, queso fresco, red onions    $12.00

Enchiladas suizas/Three soft corn tortillas rolled with a choice of stuffing in creamy chile poblano sauce, topped with melted cheese and red onions

Con pollo, bistec o queso/Chicken, steak or cheese $12.50

Con camarónes/with shrimp $14.50

Caldo de res/Beef soup $7.50/$13.00

Caldo camarón/Spicy shrimp soup $8.50/$15.00

Pancita menudo/Beef tripe soup $7.50/$12.50

Sopa de mariscos/Spicy seafood soup $10.50/$18.50

Caldo de pollo/Chicken soup w/vegetables $6.50/$11.50

Saturdays and Sundays only

Pozole/Traditional Mexican hominy pork soup $6.50/$12.00

Consome de chivo/White meat gout soup $7.50/$12.50

Birria de chivo/Red meat goat soup with chickpeas and

Green peas $7.00/$12.00

Orden de barbacoa de chivo/Goat meat plate $17.50

Individuales/with choice of meat and handmade corn tortilla or flour tortilla $4.00

con camarónes/with shrimp $6.00

Americanas/Flour tortilla stuffed with choice of meat, sour cream and guacamole. Served with rice and beans $12                        .50

3 corn tortillas with choice of stuffing and topped with sour cream, cheese and guacamole.

Queso/Cheese $10.50

Bistec o pollo/Steak or chicken $12.50

Camarón/Shrimp $15.50

Flour tortilla stuffed with rice and beans, onions, tomato, cilantro, topped with cream and fresh cheese.

Vegetariano/Vegetarian   $7.00

con carne al gusto/with choice of meat. $8.00

con camarónes/with shrimp $13.50

Oversize homemade tortilla with beans, lettuce, cream and queso fresco. with choice of meat.

Regular (no meat) $6.00

con carne al gusto $8.00

Regular/Homemade tortilla, topped with  beans, lettuce, cream and cheese    $2.50

con carne al gusto/with choice of meat  $3.00



tinga/Chipotle chicken


enchilada/Spicy pork

carnitas/Fried pork

cecina/Salted steak



carne molida/Ground beef

con huevo/with egg

al pastor/Spicy pork w/pineapple



aguacate/Avocado $1

melted mozzarella $1


Tortas (Mexican sandwiches)/Choice of meat with lettuce, jalapeños, tomatoes, avocado, onions, beans, mayonnaise and mozzarella $7.00

Torta cubana/Breaded beef, ham and egg $8.50

Cemitas/Choice of meat with string cheese, chipotle, avocado, onions and papalo $8.00

Tacos poblanos (con carne al gusto)/Choice of meat with everything: lettuce, tomatoes, cream and fresh cheese $3.00

Add $1.00 for homemade tortilla tacos

Tacos arabes/Arabic style pulled pork tacos with chipotle sauce on a flour tortilla $3.50

Taco de camarón/Shrimp taco $4.50

Fried flour tortilla, stuffed with rice, beans, onion, tomato, cilantro, topped with cream and fresh cheese.

Con carne al gusto/with choice of meat  $10.50

Con camarónes/with shrimp $13.50

Gorditas/Flat cornmeal cake topped with pork skin, lettuce, cheese and sour cream $3.00

Empanadas/Mexican patties $3.00

Flat hard shell tortilla/with bean, lettuce, tomato, cream and fresh cheese  $2.25

con carne al gusto/with choice of meat $3.00

con camarónes/with shrimp $4.50

Served with black beans, Mexican rice or house salad and corn tortillas

Parrillada vista hermosa (para 2 personas)/Grilled spicy pork, salted steak, Mexican chorizo, grilled onions, cactus, jalapeños, fresh cheese and guacamole. Serves two. $30.00

Pollo rostizado con todo/Whole rotisserie chicken with tortillas and salsa. Served with rice, beans or house salad. $20.00

Cazuela mixta/Shrimp, steak, chicken, cactus, avocado, grilled cheese, boiled egg, and green sauce $23.50

Platillo vista hermosa (para 2 personas)/Steak, pork chops, spicy pork with pineappple, ham, bacon, pepper, onion and cheese. Serves two. $24.00

Platillo especial/Sliced steak and shrimp sautéed with onions, tomatoes and peppers $15.5

T-bone bistec asado con chorizo nopales en salsa verde/Grilled T-bone steak served with cactus pad and chorizo in a green sauce.   $20.50

Chiles rellenos/Roasted pueblan peppers stuffed with fresh cheese in a tomato sauce $14.50

Chuletas ala mexicana/Mexican style pork chops sautéed with onions, jalapeños and tomatoes $13.50

Pechuga de pollo con huitlacoche en crema de chile poblano/Chicken breast with string cheese and corn mushroom in a creamy poblano chile sauce.  $15.50

Pechuga o bistec o chuletas encebolladas/Chicken breast, steak or pork chops grilled or sautéed with onions $12.50

Pechuga de pollo y camarónes en salsa chipotle con champinoñes/Chicken breast and shrimp. Served with mushroom and onions in a cream chipotle sauce.  $16.50

Bistec ranchero/Steak with onions, cactus and regular small homemade tortilla. $15.50

Mole poblano/Chicken in a traditional pueblano chocolate-mole sauce. $13.50

Bistec a la tampiqueña/Steak in a green sauce with cactus and served with one cheese enchilda $13.50

Costillas en salsa verde con verdolagas/Ribs in a green sauce with purlsane greens $13.50

Platillo fortachon/Pork chops, bacon, sausage and Oaxaca cheese $16.50

Pechuga de pollo o bistec a la mexicana/Chicken breast or steak sautéed with onions, jalapeños & tomatoes $12.50

Milanesa de res o pollo/Breaded beef or chicken witih sweet plantains $12.50

Pechuga o bistec o cecina con nopales, rajas y cebollines/Grilled chicken or steak or salted beef with onions and cactus slices. $14.50

Pipian de pollo/Chicken in a spicy green sauce $12.50

Bistec azteca/Steak sautéed with onions, peppers, tomatoes and cactus slices in a tomato base sauce $12.50

Bistec churrasco adobado con nopal/Grilled marinated steak served with cactus pad and pico de gallo $19.50

Platillo mixto/1 chile relleno, 1 enchilada verde de pollo and 1 quesadilla de maíz $14.00

Cóctel de camarón/Mexican style shrimp cocktail $13.50

Cóctel de pulpo y camarón $18.50

Camarónes empanizados/Breaded fried shrimps; served with rice and beans $14.50

Camarónes a la diabla/Shrimps in spicy deviled sauce $14.50

Mojarra a la diabla/Porgy in spicy deviled sauce market price

Mojarra al mojo de ajo/Porgy in garlic sauce market price

Mojarra frita/Fried porgy market price

Filete de pescado empanizado/Breaded filet of fish $15.50

Ceviche de camarónes con aguacate/Ceviche with shrimp and avocado $16.50

Camarónes cancun/Shrimps sautéed with white wine, garlic, onions and tomatoes in a cream sauce with avocado  $14.95

Camarónes a la mexicana/Mexican style shrimp sautéed with onions, jalapeños and tomatoes $14.50

Camarónes a la mojo de ajo/Shrimps in a garlic sauce    $14.50

Salmon asado con vegetales/Grilled salmon with vegetables $21.50

Arroz y frijoles/Rice and beans. $3.50

Nopales azados/Grilled cactus pads   $3.50

Cebollines azados/Grilled bulb onions  $3.50

Chiles toreados/Grilled jalapeños  $3.00

Tortillas   $1.50

Queso fresco/Fresh cheese  $3.00

Papas fritas/French fries $3.50

Crema/Mexican cream $1.00

Platanos fritos/Fried sweet plantains $3.50

Café de olla/Mexican coffee    $2.50

Café americano/American coffee    $2.00

Té/Lipton tea    $2.00

Hot arroz con leche/Rice pudding     $2.50

Champurrado     $2.50

Zanahoria natural/Fresh carrot    $5.00

Betabel/Beetroot  $6.00

Naranja natural/Fresh orange    $5.00

Jugo mixto/Mixed juice  $6.00

Batidos/Fresa (strawberry), mamey, papaya, platano (banana) or mango $3.50

Mixtos/Mixed $4.50

Jarritos    $2.50

Pepsi, Sprite or Coke (bottles)    $2.00

Soda de lata/Can of soda    $1.50

Snapple    $2.50

Agua de botella/Bottle of water (500ml)  $1.50

Sodas mexicanas  $2.50

Flavored Water    $3.00

Horchata (rice with cinnamon and almonds)

    • Tamarindo (tamarind)
    • Jamaica/(hibiscus)
    • Lemonade
    • Sabor del dia (flavor of the day)

Vista Hermosa Flan $4.50

Regular Flan $3.00

Pastel de tres leches/Three milk cake $4.50

Pastel de chocolate/Chocolate cake $4.50

Gelatinas/Gelatin (water) $2.00

Fresas con crema/Strawberries and cream  MARKET PRICE

Platano frito con fresa/Fried banana w/strawberries $7.95

Ice Cream/Flavors: Manhattan truffle, amaretto, nut truffle $7.95

Hamburguesa con papas fritas $7.50

Cheeseburger with French fries.

Dedos de pollo (4 pzs) con papas fritas  $7.50

Chicken fingers (4 pcs) with French fries.

Alitas de pollo (5 pzs) con papas fritas  $7.50

Chicken wings (5 pcs) with Fre nch fries.

Hot dog with French Fries $6.50

Mozzarella Sticks with French Fries $6.50